Run to the Pines Entry Form

Please select just one default category for your entry from the drop-down menu. Pick which category suits your vehicle best. (i.e. a 1969 Malibu would go in 'Best of 1960-69').

Entry Fee: $30 Day of Show
Pre-Register by August 1 and Save $5 — Only $25
Make Checks Payable to “PMC-CPOA”
Mail to: PMC-CPOA, PO Box 5246— Pine Mt. Club, CA 93222

If you have any special things to let us know...

We release RUN TO THE PINES AUTO SHOW and PINE MOUNTAIN CLUB COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC. (PMCCPOA) from all liability and responsibility against all claims.
Release and Indemnification-> Applicants shall to the maximum extent permitted by law indemnify, defend and hold Run to the Pines Auto Show, PMCCPOA (Pine Mountain Club Commercial Property Owners Association, Inc.), and its directors, officers, members, employees, volunteers and contractors, free and harmless from and against all damages, losses, judgments, fines, penalties, expenses (including attorneys’ fees in any action arising out of matters herein set forth), liens, or liability to or claims of others which may result from or in any way arise out of or in connection with, either in whole or in part and whether directly or indirectly, (a) any of the operations of the applicant on the PMCCPOA Common Area, (b) the exercise by the applicant of any of rights under the this Application, (c) any act or failure to act, whether negligent or otherwise, on the part of Applicant or of any employee, vendor, contractor or subcontractor engaged in doing work for Applicant, (d) any violation of any laws, rules or regulations applicable to Applicant or Applicant’s business, or (e) any breach or default by Applicant of any of the terms or conditions of the Vendor Application. The obligations, indemnities, and liabilities assumed by Applicant under this paragraph shall not be limited by any provisions or limits of insurance (if required) and shall survive the expiration or earlier termination or revocation of the this Application.

By clicking the "Send Form" button below you are acknowledging you have read and accept the above terms and will pay for your entry to the Run to the Pines Auto Show by doing so online with PayPal to receive the discount of $5 ($25 total) or you will pay the full amount of $30 at the gate the day of the show.